Leora Leon

Leora Is a Best Selling  Author, International Keynote Presenter, Past Life Regression Therapist, Intuitive Energy Healer and Teacher.

Leora’s metaphysical experience began as a young child when she discovered the 4 “clairs” of intuition. She experienced 2 NDEs, one in a boating accident, knocked unconscious and underwater for 30 minutes, and the other, hiking at 7,000 feet in the Angeles Forest Mountains. Both transformed her life, and she learned the wonders of the multi-universe. She turned that knowledge into books, healing, and teaching people worldwide.

Leora is certified in multiple metaphysical modalities; She is a
 certified Brian Weiss – Past Life Regression Therapist, a certified  Reiki Master/Teacher, and an Intuitive Energy Healer 

Leora has taken all that knowledge into her latest best-selling book.

The Powers In You Workbook.”

The Powers In You Workbook is designed
to help the reader access knowledge that may enhance their ability to improve their life path. Your body, mind, and spirit are your superpowers!
No matter what you think life has handed you, you can take control and make a change that will bring you joy and happiness. It won’t happen overnight, but you will begin to see progress as soon as you start reading,
indeed a life transformation program. 

This book has been translated into Polish.
“Moce w Tobie Podręcznik Odkryj swoje supermoce i odmień swoje życie!” (Polish Edition) and Los Poderes En Ti – Espanol: Libro De Trabajo”(Spanish Edition). 

All are available on Amazon.

Leora’s children’s book
Little Lora’s Animal Adventure, “I love being me!
is a best-selling children’s book.

Little Lora has been translated into Polish.
Mala Lora Przygoda ze zwierzętami Kocham byc sobą! (Polish Edition) now available on Amazon.

Her first published work, “A Sand Foundation,”
was published in 2018, a novel based on her true-life story.
A Sand Foundation has been translated into Polish “Fundamenty z Piasku” and Spanish Un Cimiento de Arena.”

All available on Amazon

Leora’s YouTube channel, “The Powers In You,” interviews people of all genres, discussing their power inside.

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