'Leora Leon is such an amazing woman that it's been an honor to work with her. Her story is powerful, and she shines her beautiful light on all she meets. She's a quiet leader and a pleasure to work with!"
Mary Kovach, Ph.D.
Professor | Author | Process Optimization Leader | Scrum Master | LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt | Skilled & Proven Leader | Management Expert | YouTube/Podcast: Dr. K The Management Professor [Book: ROCKSTAR Manager]
“As a Psychic Medium. I had never had a past life regression session until Leora showed up in my life. What a magnificent experience. Surprisingly! It made me feel so complete on whom I am today. I can not say enough about this modality as the session was very healing. She certainly works in an energy that is just pure love and clarifying for all her clients.
Kelle Sutliff
Psychic Médium Author of The Spirit Within You and Listen Up the Other Side IS Talking.
Leora is a loving, knowledgeable, and skillful practitioner who helped me overcome debilitating fear and anxiety holding me back from living. Her compassionate approach guided me to become a better version of myself. She shared mental tools and strategies that taught me how to love myself. My life has been forever changed since having met Leora.
Elizabeth Kwak
"Leora is an amazing teacher. She has very good knowledge and big experience. She teaches directly from her heart. She helps me a lot. I invited her to Poland; she stole Polish women's hearts. They love her so much. Her specialty: life coaching, meditation, past life regression, shamanism, energy, reiki."
Jadwiga Kander
"Leora Leon is a wonderful person with a genuine spirit. She is truth and she is honest. Everything she has ever said to me or written to me has been sincere and heartfelt. I am glad to know her and I look forward to working with her in the very near future. Blessings to you" Leora!
Carlton Jumel Smith
ENTERTAINER at Happy Rouge Ventures January 11, 2021, Carlton Jumel was a client of Leora’s
"I loved chatting with Leora on her show. She is such a natural on camera and makes you feel welcomed and engaged. Her heart is full and willing to both listen and to teach as you share a story of triumph, tragedy, or both. Her magic is the ability to both see and feel the energy of Spirit as you rise to the occasion of sharing your story to serve others."
Laura Saltman
Author of The All books, Mindfulness, Meditation & Metaphysical Teacher. Author of The All books - The All of Everything, The All of The All, The All That Is, Wisdom of The All. TV/Digital Host, Oracle Alchemist January 28, 2021, Laura was a client of Leora’s
"I recently attended a four-week class titled "Love Yourself and Change Your Life” led by spiritual energy healer/life coach Leora Leon. The classes provided the foundation I needed to begin daily meditation along with helping me identify how my actions and internal dialogue need to change in order to change my spiritual health. These classes have opened up a new way of thinking and have given me some very important tools. With Leora's help, I'm on the road to a more positive future. Leora is such a warm, loving, and gifted person. I'm thankful we met."
Carol Landsbaum Kreft
"Leora's class has helped me to be happier with myself and to be aware of inhibiting, negative thinking. It's helped me to feel more confident in myself and enabled me to speak up and express myself, to say what I think."
Linda Bosdachin
"Leora provided a safe and nurturing environment with which to explore our authentic selves, enabling us to sift through and love ourselves through some of our deepest wounds and feelings of inadequacy."
Liz Newman
"Leora's class was so empowering. Learning to set boundaries without guilt has added a new dimension of happiness to my journey."
Laura Frazier
"I had the most unique experience with Leora last summer where she provided me a venue to trace back into my past life and foresee some of the events that shaped who I am today while offering me the opportunity to come to terms with different historical events within my current life enabling me to find peace. Her techniques are beneficial to anyone who is looking to find greater enlightenment into not only our world today but, in past ones as well. Her expertise in guiding you through this journey is calming, yet focused and purposeful. The closure of my mediation with Leora I was gifted with meeting an angel who told me that the pathway to healing is through love, and this, was a defining moment because it solidified that I had been walking the right path. Leora is truly gifted".
Strategic Account Manager Mandiant, Inc. March 26, 2020, MO was a client of Leora’s

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