Leora Leon converses and presents on podcasts, spiritual conferences, keynotes, and breakouts.

Utilizing the extraordinary enlightenment that Leora sustained during her two traumatic Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and several life-shattering but spiritually transformative experiences, Leora reveals her lessons learned and her processes to assist others in transforming and transcending the most challenging life experiences into sustained, clear, high-vibrational energy to navigate life with discernment, boundaries, wisdom, and clarity.

Leora blends her experience and expertise as an Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer, and Master Spiritual Teacher into messages, workshops, and curriculums to:

Leora’s bestselling book, The Powers in You Workbook, provides a strategic step-by-step process for readers to activate their innate superpowers to connect with their inherent potential and soul’s path.  

A tailored, custom workshop is available for your group!

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