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You’re about to embark on a journey to your holistic Optimization!

Leora created this Guided Meditation for you to begin up-leveling and transforming your innermost being!

You will activate your innate healing potential, intuitive intelligence, personal power, to reveal your tremendous expansiveness as a human.

For best results, please listen each evening before sleep, preferably with earbuds or headphones. Listen for ten days straight. Even if you fall asleep, the meditation is absorbed into your subconscious, which is optimal!

Then, in the morning, upon waking, please take a thoughtful moment to complete my Daily Journal Page. Setting your intentions each morning before engaging in your day is a powerful method to accelerate your self-awareness, life perceptions, resilience, creativity, focus, and intuitive intelligence. 

Upon completing your ten days of listening and journaling, please email Leora at and let her know how you did and what you experienced!  

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