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The Powers In You

Workbook Workshop

This workshop will give you all the tools you need to change your life and live your desired life! This three-day event includes multiple mediations, such as chakra balancing, inner child work, and Past Life Regression. You will be given a thorough education on the science behind metaphysics and how you can change your life by changing your thought process and learned behavior. You will be given a format and multiple tools to shift your spiritual, mental, and physical existence. Leora will follow the guidelines of her best-selling book, The Powers In You. This is an 8-hour class spread over 2 days.

Past Life Regressions

Leora is a Brian Weiss-Certified Past Life Regression therapist. Leora trained personally with Dr. Weiss. Leora has performed PLRs on hundreds of clients.

During a Past Life Regression, the client can have the ability to see past lives, thus releasing harmful energy that has accumulated. Additionally, Leora  focuses on resolving significant present life trauma energy that interferes with a person’s current mental and physical state.
A Past Life Regression Session is a virtual 1 hour session via Zoom. 

Here is a Past Life Regression in action.

This Past Life Regression exemplifies how past life energies affect your current physical reality.

This client was having intimate relationship difficulties. See how the energy of past lives and early childhood can affect your present physical reality.


15 Minute Consultation

This a “new” client consultation that is used to assess the needs of the client.

Traveling Healing/Teaching Fee

US$75 Traveling Expense San Diego, Santa Barbara


Personalized Meditations

This is a personalized meditation designed to meet your specific needs.
The meditation will be recorded on zoom for your future use.
Leora will specifically design a Personalized Meditation based on your meditation needs.
This meditation is for those with individualized needs, helping those who may have poor concentration or find it challenging to meditate. Leora specializes in meditation for those who have difficulties concentrating or may have ADD and ADHD.
Session is 1-hour

Shamanic/Reiki Intuitive Energy Healing

Shamanic/Reiki Intuitive Energy Healing is a modality that combines Shamanic Intuitive Energy Healing (SIEH) with Reiki. This type of healing helps release stagnate and past-life energies while aligning the body’s chakra energy. Leora has been successfully using this modality for over ten years.
This is an in-person service only.
US$150 per hour

Polska sesja prywatna z tłumaczem.

Leora będzie pracować jeden na jeden z Tobą, zapewniając Ci wsparcie w wyzwaniach życiowych. Może to obejmować coaching życia i medytację.
**Z tłumaczem Leory. US$150

Sesja prywatna w języku polskim, bez tłumacza.

Leora będzie pracować jeden na jeded z Tobą, zapewniając Ci wsparcie w wyzwaniach życiowych. Może to obejmować coaching życia i medytację.
**Brak tłumacza. US$100

Shamanic Intuitive Energy Healing Certification

Shamanic Intuitive Energy Healing is a modality used by energy healers that incorporates
-Intuition Development 
-Spiritual Awareness
-Energy Management
-Natural Psychic Development
-Working with Guides 
-Energy clearing.
This SIEH course has a comprehensive understanding of Energy Healing. The SIEH course will give you a detailed account of science and metaphysical theories.  This SIEH course is a 4-week,  12-hour course.
A Level 1 SIEH Certification will be awarded.
Cost US$1350.

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